Krs one, what is eating healthy

Http:// Krs one talks alkhalife: about living an alkaline life- eating natural healthy food. Food are consciousness and what you eat determines your consciousness.  

Making ginger Juice

Ginger have been used for centuries for medical purposes. I am making my favorite juice in this tutorial video using raw ginger.  

Dick Gregory talks Florida hybrid oranges and grape fruits

Dick Gregory talks about Florida hybrid oranges  

Dick Gregory talks about Alvenia Fulton

Way before anybody new the human body and what it should be feeding largely in the African American communities in Chicago , Dr. Alvenia Fulton taught Dick Gregory how to eat to live  

Dr. Alvenia Fulton Taught Dick Gregory fasting

  Alvenia Fulton talks about fasting, healing, nutrition, and how to break a fast.   Using her system which involved 1. Preparing for a long fast by eating only fresh fruits and vegetables 1 day for every 5 days you plan to fast. 2. Using plenty…

Food You Would Never Buy At Your Supermarket: Dick Gregory and Dr Sebi

Two Foods You Would Never Buy At Your Supermarket: Dick Gregory and Dr. Sebi speak about Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Vanilla, cumin, and tumeric. Dr. sebi, the relation between food and disease: mucus is the cause of every disease.   Mucus and disease: We…