Three Tactics Healthy People Are Doing

Being healthy is easy, those are the words I often hear from the speeches of Dr. Sebi. I watch an incredibly large amount of content he produces; whether it’s his YouTube videos, one of his health seminars, his nutritional guide, or reading about his eat clean diet grocery list on a blog on the internet. He is always saying "being healthy is easy," really dude, is it actually that easy as he makes healthy lifestyle seems. If so, why isn't natural living being as easy for everyone else? So I made it my business to take notice what makes natural living healthy lifestyle easy for some healthy people and what are the tactics they are using.


#1 healthy people embody natural living into their lives:

Permeate the culture of living naturally instead of a fad that is going to last for only a limited time. I had a professor in junior college who taught me something I have been using ever since. She told me to embody whatever course I may be taking during a semester and don't just pick up the book to study for the course only when there is a quiz or a test coming up; I should find other ways to embody the course into my life. Therefore, I would watch YouTube videos, related documentaries, or podcasts related to that course. I did these things several times each week for the courses I was taking and before you know it, I understood and learnt things in ways I could have not imagined.


I observed, studied, and interviewed many natural living healthy people; they all share this trait in common; they embody natural healthy living, and the healthy living lifestyle has become part of the individual. Natural living to these people is compared to breathing oxygen—something they just do. That is how entrenched they have embodied the lifestyle natural living to them has become a fabric of their day-to-day lives. These people adopted natural living and nurtured it until it surpasses being not only their habit, but they have allowed the lifestyle time to evolve as part of their intricate being by staying the course until what every natural thing does. For, example, if you plant it, water it, and nurture it, then it will naturally grow.