PLU Codes Meaning: the stickers on fruits or vegetables

What is the meaning of PLU code attached to your foods? I went to the supermarket to buy groceries like I have always done. I was stopping at different places because the natural food guide I download from alkhalife. I had to go to more than one place to find everything I wanted. This particular occasion I found myself observing particular attention to the stickers that are on the food (the PLU CODE) as I was buying my fruits and vegetables.


I asked myself the question that I thought many people have asked before "what does the PLU codes mean? The sticker placed on most fruits and vegetables. The PLU codes are not edible so what purpose do they serve?


The PLU code tells how a certain fruits or vegetables were grown in a farm. It indicates whether pesticides or other chemicals were used, whether fruit or vegetable is GMO or genetically modified, and whether the fruit or vegetable was grown organically or naturally.


There are three ways to read the PLU code stickers when you are buying you produce or other foods that may have a plu code.


The four digits PLU Code means that the fruit or vegetable was grown with chemicals. Herbicides, pesticides antibiotics, or some other form of an unnatural inorganic substance was used to grow the fruit, vegetable, or the product.


For example, a four digit PLU code may be 4012, insects will not eat fruit or vegetable grown and sprayed with harmful pesticides or herbicides because these chemicals killed them, therefore, prevent other fruits or vegetables from being eaten or the insects simply won't eat sprayed food because they instinctively understand the sprayed fruits or vegetables will cause harm health effects to them.