Overdose THC hybrid marijuana different from natural seeded weed

Marijuana is the most used illegal drug in America. Marijuana is a natural plant; it has many natural healing benefits. Marijuana is good for glaucoma, relaxation, common cold, and asthma. The herb is used to heal many nations, communities, families and cultures. But that's not all, there's a bad side about marijuana.


Most people do not distinguish the natural marijuana plant from the hybrid marijuana plant. There is a difference, that difference is having a bad image for the natural marijuana plant, which is more useful today than the it ever was-having the curative benefits so many new diseases. For example, Parkinson's disease, cancers, cognitive or psychological diseases and the list goes on.


Why marijuana is getting a bad rap?

An average natural marijuana stick contained 10 mg THC vs. today's hybrid marijuana stick which is over 150 mg THC. That's a lot of THC on the brain, which is not a good thing. THC interferes with normal brain waves and depresses electrical activity of the frontal cortex, which is a person's character and morality.


The THC in hybrid marijuana is so high that it damages newly formed memory. It's not healthy for our bodies to handle this high level of THC passing through the lungs, the blood, then into our brain.


Some THC can stay in the brain for a whole week because the brain cannot break THC down fast enough, which dumps fecal waste into the blood, and gets deposit throughout the body and decreasing oxygenation going to the brain. THC deposits tar and toxins in the lungs and other bodily organs.