Genetically engineered additives, preservatives you are drinking in your Mountain Dew soft drink soda

Who in this world has not tasted a soda can like Coca Cola, Pepsi Cola, Mountain Dew, or a Sprite soda drink? Now, a better understanding of the soft drink sodas produced with genetically engineered synthetic chemicals, preservatives and additives you are drinking in Mountain Dew or other soft brand soda drinks.


A label analysis will explore the ingredients, what they are, their dangerous potential health affects, and concerns.


I did something I haven't done in over 2 decades. I bought a Mountain Dew soda; I want to experience what I'm about to share; drank a Mountain Dew before writing this article. My goal is to learn What I about the mountains dew soda I drank in plain terms that People may understand what they also been putting into their bodies in plain English, not some never heard of word when reading the label that will deter them from finding out what the ingredients are. Vaguely understood language which defeats the purpose of communicating, I think this is done intentionally for a selected group of people who can communicate these names while the rest of us remains in the dark of what we eat, drink, and utilize to supposedly enhance our wellbeing.

mountain dew label.JPG

A look at The Genetically Engineered Ingredients you are drinking in Your Mountain Dew Soda

Sodas, sodas everywhere yet, they all are detrimental and unhealthy to drink. Let us find out if this statement is indeed true about the sodas we drink. The label analysis was done on a Mountain Dew, but most soda and soft drinks fall under the category. I believe they are own the same major beverage company and the ingredients are of them all are similar.