Food for better libido and Penis Blood circulation

Natural food and herbs for better sex and harder penis erection, you know the saying "the healthier you are, the better quality of a sex life you will have." For a man to have a good sex life, he needs constant sturdy penis erection and being healthy helps as well. A man needs a lot of blood circulation to his penis. Blood flow will bring much oxygen and trace minerals to invigorate your libido. You can use certain natural foods as an aphrodisiac.

Natural food for men's erection and better sex:

Exercise to increase your heart rate and blood flow to your sexual organs. The better shape you are, the more endurance, and better sex you will have.

Natural foods that are high in zinc will increase testosterone and sperm production. For example, Onions, nuts, strawberries, grapes (red globe), cocoa, mushrooms, prunes, avocado, currants, figs, blackberries, dates, and raspberries are good for healthy sex.

Avocado gives energy and is rich in unsaturated fat which is good for you heart and arteries. It helps your heart beat strong and keeps blood flowing in the penis.