Earache and Ear Infection Natural Help

Are you experiencing ear ache symptoms of one or both of your ears? It may be an infection in the middle of your ear. Does it get worse at night when you sleep? That's because your body is lying flat, which makes it more difficult for the Eustachian to drain out the phlegm.


Another reason for your ear ache could be due to you having tooth pain, but this rarely happens.

If you are experiencing dizziness, ringing in your ear, bleeding, and quick pain and hearing loss in one or both ears, they are the symptoms of a ruptured eardrum.


Causes of an ear infection or earache:

If you have an infection in the ear this will cause pressure to build, the pressure on nerves causes pain. Yet if you have no pain, it could be because there was no warning sign that you have a major ear problem.

Being or moving to a higher altitude may push phlegm from the Eustachian tube into the middle ear.

Sleeping on your ear if you had a head cold

The use of antibiotics increases ear disease.

Swimming in public places increases the chance of bacteria going up the Eustachian tubes--a favorable condition for ear infection.

An enlarged adenoids mat blocks the Eustachian tubes and caused fluid buildup in the middle ear.

Middle ear infections are more likely to happen to bottle-fed infants than breast-fed infants. Cow's milk creates inflammation and blockage in the infant's Eustachian tubes. Breast milk strengthens the infant's immune system.

Other earache and ear infection are allergies, colds, childhood disease, and respiratory infections.

Ear infection can cause loss of hearing, if it's an on-and-off thing.