Dr. Sebi Pineapple Speech

Pineapple is on dr Sebi's list of hybrid (GMO) food. It is on the "acid side," dr Sebi; it has a pH below 7.0 and pineapple bears no seeds. You have to cut the head of the fruit, and then stick it into the soil for it to grow- requiring man's help. Natural foods grow on their own needing no assistance from human said the natural herbalist healer dr Sebi.


Pineapple origin is South America, there is little to no details where the domesticated pineapple started. Nonetheless, nature has wanted to get rid of the domesticated pineapple since it was introduced. The pineapple fruit is one of the most diseased. Without man, pineapple doesn't stand a chance. Nature wants to get rid-of it even though man keeps inventing deadly pesticides and herbicides against nature's will from wiping out the pineapple fruit.


Pineapples are prone to a number of diseases such as wilt disease, bacterial heart rot, fungal heart rot, yellow spot virus, and pink disease which changes the color of the fruit either a brownish color or a molded black color before the fruit rotten from bacteria.