Complete Nutrition, Food for Health Based on Genetics Mineral Balance

In his book “let's get well,” Pablo Areola states that black people of African descent are not programmed or cannot digest milk, cheese and other dairy products as food for health. After Mr. Pablo Areola made the statement that black people were not programmed to digest milk. Dr. Sebi understood clearly what he was saying even though many readers of the book did not, primarily because there is a part of this whole healing process that need to be considered and was never brought to the forefront: complete nutrition based on genetics as food for health.


Whether that we were not as awaken or whether we just ignore it. That aspect is genetics, which is very important because Pablo is showing us that if your ancestors are from Africa that your body is not programmed to digest milk so there must be a difference with the African race compare to other races of people. Genetically, we are different and it does not mean any one of us is better; it is simply acknowledging that our biological structure is different.


If genetically we are different, then it would make sense and necessary to have a substance developed that would be consistent with that particular genetic group of African people. Black people food or complete nutrition has never been considered by nutrition experts based on that particular group of people genetics. Only Dr. Sebi acknowledged the African bio mineral balance that could compliment the genetic of African people.


Genetic Bio Mineral Balance

Genetics bio mineral balance is extremely important because everything on the planet is constructed genetically different, place in a particular environment, and on a specific geography. For instance, in Africa where the temperature is warm, we find the gorilla. In Alaska where the climate is cold, we find the polar bear. One gene can live in a cold environment, the other cannot.


We also find that one gene can digest certain substances and the other cannot. The polar bear can digest meat and it would be ok and consistent as the polar bear’s diet and genetic bio mineral balance. As for the gorilla, it cannot eat meat; it would be the adverse to its particular gene because gorillas were not program or constructed in such a way. The gorilla lives in the forest where it is tropical.