Butylated Hydroxyanisole (BHA) is a Preservative That Destroys Good Health

If there were times you ate food and never thought about scanning the label or knowing the ingredients in what you have eaten. You just enjoyed your meal, which is what most people, but alas, Time for change, we now want to know what is in what you eat and drink. Delicious and mouthwatering food is one of life's joyful moments because satisfying one’s hunger with amazing tasty dishes is very gratifying.


If you are a cook, being conscious or realizing the artistic production of making tasty food is glorious. Along that note, you would not cook poison, as a result is difficult to picture someone else would because it may not be in you conscious binoculars. For instance, if you cook with a preservative called butylated hydroxyanisole, which may harm your health, develop diseases, and crippled your good health.


Butylated hydroxyanisole is a preservative you will encounter in many foods. It is dangerous, fosters serious health impairment to your kidney, lungs, and liver, which is why we think it’s important to learn about this preservative so you can protect yourself and people you know. Foods that contain butylated hydroxyanisole: (BHA) fats and oil, shortening, dried breakfast cereals, I am sure you feed your children those-- not trying to be comical, dehydrated potato products, chewing gum, and pork and beef.