Three ways trace mineral metals affect your body

Three ways trace mineral metals affect your body

Metals are forms of energy. They give energy, conduct energy, and they receive energy. They are found in trace in the Human body. They are a part of the mineral kingdom, which consist of living substances. Metals respond to light, heat, air, water, electricity, music, and have rhythmic cycles. The cycle is reflected by the days of the week. On certain days, metals have high energy peaks and lows. Therefore, any living being that contains mineral has a cycle. So, metals are living forms of life.


The effects of metals

Metals are known to have healing effect on the body. In the human body some organs have a higher amount of a certain metal than another metal. Consequently, a specific metal can biologically magnify and electrically stimulate a bodily organ. For example:

  • Gold for metabolic disorders diabetes, intestine, bowels, and purification
  • Silver restores electrical current, adrenals, intestines, spleen, thyroid, and brain
  • Mercury stabilizer if energy, purification lower digestive system
  • Tim anemia, nerves, brain circulatory system
  • Copper blood, liver, pancreas, eye, and emotion
  • Lead energy, counters destruction of cells, blood cleaner, and blood pressure

Metals for the weekdays

Metals cycle have a specific day for functioning at optimum.

Sunday Gold

Monday Silver

Tuesday. Iron

Wednesday Mercury

Thursday Tin

Friday Copper

Saturday Lead



Metals carry sound and wave vibrations. The vibrations cause energy wave in the body. The vibration retains an energy force field (life force). Metal vibrations are specific and related to sounds or musical notes below:

Gold Musical note D

Silver Musical note G

Iron Musical note C

Mercury Musical note 1

Tin Musical note A

Copper Musical note B

Lead Musical note A


Reference: Dr. Lailla Afrika, African Holistic Health