Naturally Beautyful: Alkaline Foods

naturally beautyful: alkaline foods

Foods to clear up your skin, gives you beautiful natural hair growth, and foods for healthy looking nails. Many of you have heard about yellow lemon, the one that has seed. Lemon is good for your liver. The liver produces enzymes that help you to burn fat and it releases toxins which improve your skin. The lemon added in natural spring water will detox your liver and give your skin tone a clear complexion.


Oily skin: Lettuce Juice For anti-Aging and Radiant Skin


Cabbage is another skin brightens food. The cabbage is high in vitamin C. Irish great skin softener, skin beautifier, and when eating the cabbage gives your skin a healthy glow.


Foods with a shiny skin like a cucumber. They have mineral called silica which helps strengthen your nails, hair, also gives your skin a gorgeous tone. Cucumber is a perfect blend of fiber and water. Your skin stays healthy, beautiful, and glowing when your body is hydrating so you want to eat foods that are also hydrating. The red bell pepper is also high in vitamin C.

I mentioned vitamin C a lot because it works magic for your skin or your complexion. Red bell pepper cleans out bacteria and protects the skin so it doesn’t come back. You noticed the beautiful shiny skin on red bell pepper? Those are the type if foods that are great for your skin. They have a beautiful skin. You will have a beautiful skin when you add them to your diet.


Watermelon flushes out toxins out of your body. It's the greatest flush you can ever do to rejuvenate your skin, hair, and you want more of it.

Cilantro pulls out heavy metals from your body. People with low energy, attention deficit, and fatigue syndrome should know that cilantro is wonderful for removing heavy metals from their body. Almond is high in vitamin E. Most of you know that vitamin E is smooth and beautiful olive skin. Avocado, you can eat it or put it on your skin. Avocado moisturizes your inside so you can look beautiful in the outside.