Natural Living Starter Guide

Natural Living Starter Guide

In this guide, I will discuss the overall process that is involved in natural living basics. This article is especially useful for those who wish to start living a natural healthy lifestyle, but they are lacking the knowledge, discipline and the guidance to start living this divine spiritual way.

In the natural living basics getting started guide, I will discuss some of the requirements needed prior to starting your natural living transformation, what to buy, what to read, and much more.


The misconception revolves around natural living is that it is too expensive. In reality living naturally can be as cheap as 100 to 200 dollars a month compare to 300 to 400 a month living on a bad poor unhealthy food diet.


So if you wish to join the millions of moms, dads young men/women and other people who have made their natural living transformation successfully, this article will help guide you every steps of the way.


  1. Building your Knowledge base: Books and people you can learn from that can help shape the type of mind-set you should have. Whether your motivation is health, spirituality, weight loss, beauty or whatever it may be, these people or books will have something useful for you. The good thing is they are some of the best resources available when it comes to natural living healthy lifestyle. Here is a list of people and books to build your knowledge about natural living. It starts with the mind if you are going to implement any changes in your life.
  2. What to eat and how to prepare natural food recipes: One of the biggest challenge for most people who are making the natural living lifestyle transition is learning about the naturally grown organic food and how to prepare them. This natural food guide and natural food cookbook were putted together solely for that purpose. To help you with the food that will not only promote healing, but also will promote weight loss balance and beauty. They will also help you of knowing what to eat to help facilitate your newly lifestyle transition so much easier. Many recipes are available from these books that we have putted together as well. The big book of juices, Afro vegan, vegan soul kitchen, thug kitchen, cooking with Mother Nature, vegan soul sister, How not to die before your time, and much more. Check out the alkhalife amazon store for the complete book list.
  3. Other resources you might find useful in making your natural living lifestyle transition: vegetable steamer, juicer, Natural stone cooking pan, ceramic cook ware, a list of alkaline herbs, fruits, and vegetables. Natural cleaning products to help you balance your home from harsh chemical.


So to sum up everything, the natural living get started guide should able to help you with the following:

  1. The type of water to drink
  2. How to avoid synthetic food
  3. What natural organic food to eat
  4. How to eat healthfully
  5. Use powerful alkaline herbs and supplements
  6. How to detoxify and cleanse your body
  7. Exercising
  8. Preparing delicious natural food recipes


Remember that anything is possible if you have the following arsenals. For example, the desire to take baby steps and by staying inform of acquiring related knowledge, as swell as planning ahead by preparing meals and healthy snack, plus don't take it too seriously, have fun with your natural living lifestyle transformation.