Natural living Basics

Natural living Basics

So you’ve heard the term "natural living" and you want to know what natural living is all about. Well you’ve come to the right place. In this series of articles we will take you from asking what natural living is to having all the knowledge you need to start living a natural healthy lifestyle successfully.



In a short period of time you will be able to learn about living a natural way of life to promote your natural figure, your natural weight or your natural skin, hair, nails, brain, eyes, beauty, etc., and you may even improve your overall health and life-span longevity by an enormous number of years.



Learn how to live naturally and harmoniously with nature to improve the quality of your being, spiritually, healthfully, and generates the wellness that comes with that.



The meaning of natural living:


In order to be successful living a natural life, we first need to understand what natural living really means, but first, let us explore what living a natural lifestyle isn't. Natural living lifestyle is not vegetarian, it is not being a vegan, and it is not pescatarian, etc. because all the above mentioned eat unnatural processed and inorganic GMO food (crossbreed).  Natural living takes a more harmonious spiritual approach—interconnecting you with Mother Nature (the all).  Natural living or eating natural food is being in synch with cosmic coded energy through food from the universal source.



"Natural living lifestyle is about utilizing the earth's organic resources in their most unrefined form, the way nature intended."


What is a Pescatarian?


  •  One whose diet includes fish but no other meat


What is a vegan?



What is a vegetarian?


  • A person who does not eat meat


Who Lives a Natural living lifestyle?

So who are some aspiring people who sets good example about natural living? They are people just like you who were brought-up eating the same bad unhealthy food that most of us been eating. People like the herbalist Dr. Sebi who is known to cure every disease known to man.


Dr. Afrika wrote the number one African best-selling health book “Nutricide," and "African Holistic Health." Dr. Alvenia Fulton, consider the catalyst of natural living and healing of African American in the United States. Dr. Alvenia authored many books such as "The Fasting primer, Vegetarianism: Fact or Myth, and radiant health through nutrition."



Also Charlotte Gerson who is also a pioneer in her own right; she was healing people and emphasizing natural living 30 years before anyone had ever heard about Dr. Sebi. Once you have some basic knowledge about living naturally, you will find out how easy it is to adopt it as your way of living.



People Who Lives The Natural Lifestyle?


You may be asking why anyone would want to live a natural living lifestyle. I believe the answer lies in the fact that every human being has the ability to live up to his or her full potential and wishes to do just that. Take for instance of a wild bird eating the foods that it was destine to eat and never getting sick or having to suffer from debasing diseases caused by improper dieting.



Dying only of an old age after living a full rich quality prolong life cycle, Never before have average people like you or me been able to reach this natural quality of life through adapting a natural living healthy lifestyle with so little trouble. You have this opportunity today. You have all the information available to make natural living healthy lifestyle a hobby that will change your entire life forever.