Dr. Alvenia Fulton Taught Dick Gregory fasting

  Alvenia Fulton talks about fasting, healing, nutrition, and how to break a fast.   Using her system which involved 1. Preparing for a long fast by eating only fresh fruits and vegetables 1 day for every 5 days you plan to fast. 2. Using plenty…

Dick Gregory's Health secretes

Http://Alkhalife.info Dick Gregory health tips on water, exercise, sleep, food, overall health, remaining health, diseases, and much more  

How Much Water To Drink

how much natural spring water you should drink daily?        

Awesome water experiment questions what are you really drinking part 2

We tested all the major brands of bottled drinking water to see who is living up to what they claimed is good water. We tested PH level for a ph 7.0 or above to see which water is truly alkaline. See the whole ph chart:

10 ways to elevate your diet, life, and health

10 things you need to know to elevate your diet, life, and health There are no magic spells, no fantastic illusions, and definitely no special privileges; it gets down to people who wants it more than others; those who simply give more efforts,…

Black Owned Hair Care Products

Who makes your hair care product regimens? Is it pink ribbon natural, chubby curls, or is it blue rose beauty? These are some of black owned hair care products that are given black African American the consumer choice they have been telling other…

Awsome Dr. Sebi GMO Food List

Dr. Sebi GMO, Crossbreed, and Hybrid Food List GET the FREE Dr. Sebi GMO List http://alkhalife.info/awesome-drsebi-...  

Krs one, what is eating healthy

Http://Alkhalife.info Krs one talks alkhalife: about living an alkaline life- eating natural healthy food. Food are consciousness and what you eat determines your consciousness.  

Dr. Sebi calcium for building strong bones

Calcium, Magnesium, and Bone Health: Dr. Sebi tips for building strong bones I will never forget this 82 year old man. I met him at a health summit and he made an impact when I saw him fallen to his knees. His emphasis was that he dear anyone above…

Dear My Body

Dear my body, I am writing a letter to "self” about my health. I'm sorry I have treated you this way feeding you bad foods and not taking better care of you; for given up on the fitness workout I planned, which I did not stay committed to, and I am…