Natural food reverses degenerative diseases

Natural food reverses degenerative diseases

American natural food choices to reverse degenerative diseases. An inconsistent diet is eating foods that are not complementary to one’s diet or cellular molecular structure or biology; you cannot eat every one's food. The zoo keeper does not feed the animals at the zoo the same food. The zoo keeper feeds the gorilla fruits and vegetables and the polar bear flesh (meat).


The zoo keeper innately understandings something which is called cosmic food arrangement: every animal was placed In a geographical location along with its food, the zoo keeper knows that if he/she violates this order by feeding the gorilla the poplar’s food or feed the polar bear the gorilla's food, both animals


Will live a short life and die. We humans think we are different; therefore, we can violate this law of arrangement. That is why we are suffering more than ever before because we chose to turn cheek away from God; we chose to look down on our indigenous brethren who are resilient to something most of us have lost, and we watched them in our living room in few remote jungles that are left reminding us to come back to life. The herbs, the fruits, and the vegetables hold the sacred serum. The indigenous understands to move forward you must revisit your past.

Nutrition should not be taking lightly, when you eat right all else follows- good health, happiness, and love. When you eat badly, regardless of which major food company, who, how or what made you ate that which is consistent with your biology. You will reap what you sowed. From diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and degenerative diseases-whatever comes along with the food you ate? Understand this if you never comprehend anything else about food consistency. To go back to tradition is the first step forward; African Americans dieting should be a cultural affair.


It doesn't matter whether you knew or not the carrot you ate was hybrid or it was made in a laboratory in Holland, and that you ate something nature did not produce- hybridization. The carrot will not nourish your body. In fact, it will deteriorate resources from your blood, bones, and tissues to make whole the of the carrot in order for your body to be able to recognize it and digest it- leaving your body starving for more nourishment because it had to use so much minerals depleted from your bones, blood, and tissues to make the hybrid carrot into a whole food for digestion. Remember knowledge is power, If you have the wrong information you have bad power, if you have good information, you have good power. African bio nutrition, you are what you eat.