How to make a 15 Minute Ginger Beer: juicing from dr. Sebi natural food guide

Keeping the legacy of dr. Sebi alive by perpetuating his teachings and using the natural food guide he created to help people combat diseases with the healing foods list he left us with. In this article, we are using raw Ginger to make Ginger beer, which takes nothing from the properties of the raw Ginger, therefore, nourishing our system and promoting good health or well-being. Raw Ginger has been used for centuries for its medicinal benefits, so Ginger beer will has many health benefits:


1. Ovarian cancer treatment

2. Colon cancer prevention

3. Morning sickness relief

4. Motion sickness remedy

5. Reduces pain and inflammation

6. Heartburn relief

7. Prevention of diabetic


8. Migraine relief

9. Menstrual cramp relief

10. Cold and flu prevention

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