How I got relief from watery sticky phlegm and mucous in my eyes

My body has been using my eyes as a way of expelling toxins. Lately, I have noticed repeatedly thick phlegm coming out of my eyes early morning hours mostly right before I am waking up, this thick watery sticky liquid phlegm coming out of both ends of my eyes just below my forehead where the nose separates the eyes. I realized it gets worse when I eat certain food such as rice, meat, beans, and when I drink beer or soft drinks.


During the day my eyes continue also affected by this thick phlegm, so much that it puts this heavy pressure on the eyes which makes me blink consistently to loosing the phlegm to be able to have clear eye sight vision; normally this phlegm blockage happens to my right eye, but it also affect the left eye as well. It is sticky watery liquid phlegm that comes out of both of the eyes during early morning hours, the watery liquid mucous burns, and so I have to quickly wash them off with water to relieve the burning sensation out of my eyes.


Could this be my body's own way of cleansing out toxins through the openings of the body, in this case the mucous out of my eyes. DR. Afrika once said that when the body is overloaded with toxins, it uses these openings to get rid of impurities in the form of mucous. For example, the nose, ears, anus, skin, and the eyes, they are all ways the body will utilize to expel waste material or toxins from the body.

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