Girl gives Black Guy 0 Sperm Count

How did I come from that quote to writing about a how to guide destroying my boyfriend's sperm?


It all started with an idea derived from this "the choice is simple, people who accept another culture's definition of health, medicine and food are enslaved by that culture through their stomach," Dr Afrika, Nutricide. So what this has to do with me, or my boyfriend. In fact, I know many people may consider this to be horrific. But its only because someone did this, I did it. On the contrary, people do it to themselves everyday-it’s called bad habit.


I will simply but it this way; at the time I believed that those who were not part of the solution were part of the problem. During that time, my boyfriend was part of the problem. I needed a casualty for my experiment. He fitted the person I needed. If you want to be remorseful for a black-market gunslinger, be my guest. As for that, I won’t mention anything else about him.


So, I thought if a regular person like myself can do this, then what’s to prevent a racist society who has been proven to deliberately done many more worst out cried from doing this on a much larger scale. In fact, people have been saying for years that these sorts of things were happening.


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I want to ask you a question I have asked the multitude. Did you recently have any of the following foods, which contain starch, sugar and blood (meat)? They are what I used to kill sperm cells. But, I don't know you and I didn't feed you any those food. If your diet largely consist of starch, sugar or meat you are responsible, not me.

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