Girl gives Black Guy 0 Sperm Count

 0 Sperm Count

How did I come from that quote to writing about a how to guide destroying my boyfriend's sperm?


It all started with an idea derived from this "the choice is simple, people who accept another culture's definition of health, medicine and food are enslaved by that culture through their stomach," Dr Afrika, Nutricide. So what this has to do with me, or my boyfriend. In fact, I know many people may consider this to be horrific. But its only because someone did this, I did it. On the contrary, people do it to themselves everyday-it’s called bad habit.


I will simply but it this way; at the time I believed that those who were not part of the solution were part of the problem. During that time, my boyfriend was part of the problem. I needed a casualty for my experiment. He fitted the person I needed. If you want to be remorseful for a black-market gunslinger, be my guest. As for that, I won’t mention anything else about him.


So, I thought if a regular person like myself can do this, then what’s to prevent a racist society who has been proven to deliberately done many more worst out cried from doing this on a much larger scale. In fact, people have been saying for years that these sorts of things were happening.


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I want to ask you a question I have asked the multitude. Did you recently have any of the following foods, which contain starch, sugar and blood (meat)? They are what I used to kill sperm cells. But, I don't know you and I didn't feed you any those food. If your diet largely consist of starch, sugar or meat you are responsible, not me.

Ok back to the story, my boyfriend was a regular marijuana smoker. On most Monday's after work he would arrived to our apartment before I did. When I got home; I found him about to smoke or he was already smoking.


Normally he called me to pick up food if there were nothing to eat in the apartment. Of course spending my own money was not always pleasing, but nonetheless I would get him food. If there were not enough marijuana, I would buy him some.


knew hybrid marijuana or synthetic cannabis produced poor quality sperm, therefore, buying anything other kind of weed pot would have defeated the purpose. Moreover, I praised his marijuana smoking habit. I gave him the best of me whenever he was high to where he thought being high was the result of good sex. He thought he was performing better sexually when stoned. Therefore, I played along. made sure whenever I was occupied sucking his dick, a bottle of Hennessy on his left and a blunt in his right hand be present.


I knew alcohol-destroyed sperm count and the synthetic cannabis or hybrid marijuana once inhaled would pass through his lungs, to his blood stream and to his brain, which would slow everything up and deprived him of oxygen, then killed his sperm. When a man’s sperms are dead from overheating, the penis will leak the dead sperm out or the man will have a wet dream, which allows dead wasted sperm to come out of the testes.

Being a woman, I did most of the shopping. I bought chemicalized foods that cause dead sperms. For example, white sugar, sodas, eggs, bleached white flour, pastas, white rice, all kinds of meat and highly processed foods such as chips, caned foods and foods packaged for long shelf life. If I did not cook or if he wanted me to pick up food on my way home, I knew about the epidemic health catastrophe of denatured fast foods in minority neighborhoods, which I fed him.


I made sure in order to triumph of killing many, many sperms, I needed to enslave his diet and of me having total control over what he was eating. I replicated a slavery diet for though I am not a racist. To my surprised, I discovered that this diet is still active as it was during those slavery days—even the brightest of them still eat this way—leftover slave master’s garbage. He had a really poor diet and I felt in control of it all.


I made up stories about certain foods being good for sexual endurance. For example, I told him eggs would give him a stronger hard-on, nutmeg would make him last longer and more protein from would increase sperm count. But those foods were highly acidic and they were doing the reverse, 0 sperm count.

You see I was determined not to let this motherfucker reproduce. I read research and got some allies. I got genetically modified organisms such as corn, seedless fruits and vegetables, and hybrid foods that could dictate certain characteristics. I read about genetically modified corn in Mexico made in American laboratory that is said to sterile Mexican men—used for population control.


I got on board; I fed him all types of imported Mexican corn and corn products made in Mexico. I got really good at sterilizing this man; it became too easy, and at times I was barely putting in the effort. He was doing it on his own and I became a spectator. One of the easiest things I've done is sterilizing this black man. If there was a job position for sterilizing people in America, it would be my dream job, but sadly, you don't need to hire anyone for this job. People do it themselves. Most black men do it themselves, dead sperm.


They complain about change. They want many things to change, but I never once heard or saw a protest for change about food. I ask myself why that is. I got the answer in Dr. Afrika's book called Nutricide. He said the word culture came from the word agriculture. You get your culture from agriculture—from the food that you eat. When you consume another culture’s food, then you are consuming that culture, therefore, destroying your own culture.


Everyday I see and hear people are pleading for change, yet everyday I see those same people cease to make changes themselves. Everyday, every plate, every spoonful, every bite and every mouthful they are consuming that same oppressive culture they pleaded change from. Do you really want change? The revolution starts with what’s on your plate. You are what you eat, drink and Think. RIP Dr. Sebi, Dr. Alvenia Fulton and all of those who have been preaching this truth many of us have yet to grasp.