Dr. Sebi Carrots

Take the carrot: Crisp, juicy, and orange, but until about 300 years ago, carrots looked white. The Dutch selectively crossbred carrots as a tribute to their royal family—the house of orange.


Dr. Sebi said that carrot was a product of genetic engineering. People at any time should not eat carrot because it contains a high level of starch especially African Americans because their genetic structure is so high in carbon. They are a very sensitive people, so whatever that is inconsistent with them will have an adverse effect on them immediately. Starch is extremely bad for African American.


I talk about starch because I watched my grandmother, my mother, and my parents eat a lot of starches, then I looked at the various diseases that they are beset with: the high incidence of diabetes and bad hips. I just recently left where I grew up and I remember a friend of mine by the name of James.


We worked on a ship together when I was a merchant seaman, and we talk of many things and look and behold I have not seen this man in 20 some odd years and I saw him one day. He was always touching his eyes. He was wiping his eyes and I saw his big belly, then I also notice the way he walk and I was very hurt because he and I are the same age. So I know what starch has done to the black race, to the African genetic structure.

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