Dr. Sebi beets health warnings

Dr. Sebi beets

Dr Sebi said all sugar beets are GMO. It is said that beets are good for the blood, cleanse the kidney, and have vitamins C and A. Dr Sebi believed that although those benefits may be valid, but he did not believe the health disparities were worth it. Besides, he used to emphasize that the body was not made of vitamins-it is minerals that sustain the body.


Why dr Sebi said no to beets

Dr Sebi did not approve of eating the vegetable beets. He said beets are hybrid and that the trade-off eating beets doing good for the body was worse than good. For example, dr. Sebi said " they said beets is good for the kidney that maybe true, but beets produced kidney stones when eating and has a high concentration of sugar." He also said that beet is hybrid (GMO). All sugar beets in the U.S are genetically modified, half of sugar production in America comes from beets and the other half comes from sugar cane.


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