Detox the body from harmful toxic substances with Activated Charcoal

Charcoal is made from a hard wood by slowly burning the wood in an environment where there is little oxygen. In a third world country, activated charcoal is produced by digging a hole in the ground; one would spread banana in that hole, then hard woods into the hole; light the wood on fire; again covering the burning wood with banana leaves, then adding dirt on top of the banana leave completely submerged.


Also, in more develop countries; charcoal is made by combustion in a relative absence of oxygen. Now though, most commercial sources of charcoal are made from coconut shells. Before moving forward, I want to make it clear that burnt toast and charcoal briquettes are not what household-of-healers consider activated charcoal.


What gives activated charcoal its natural healing detox benefits?

Super heated steam can produced activated charcoal and is more beneficial for absorbing toxins- that method exposes more surface areas of the charcoal. The surface area of charcoal has millions of micro pores with surface areas from 500 and exceeding 1,700 square meters per gram. In one pound of charcoal there may be over 40 million charcoal particles, Therefore, absorbing many toxins and waste when passing through your body.

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