Dear My Body

Dear my body,

I am writing a letter to "self” about my health. I'm sorry I have treated you this way feeding you bad foods and not taking better care of you; for given up on the fitness workout I planned, which I did not stay committed to, and I am sorry for the "yes you can diet plan," I procrastinated, but never put forth any action towards.


This letter to self is my empathy to my body I have treated so badly. I have come to realize if I love you and if so what I must do to prove to self that I truly care for you. Without you what would I be?


You are an amazing apparatus, which allows me to experience the reality of this physical plan. If I destroy you, I'll have no other place to live in the physical realm we called life.


This is my letter to self, to my body for better health, I promise to do better and get you back to the best shape, health, and fitness level you can be. We can do it, sincerely me.


I am sorry for all the junk foods, poisons, toxins, additives, preservatives, and rotten flesh I have toiled on you even though I know those foods were bad for my body and were the leading cause of generative diseases such as diabetes, stroke, high cholesterol, and excessive mucus build up in my body, yet I ignored all of my disease infested habits simply to satisfied my momentarily cravings. I should have made better decisions on your behalf and it was selfish of me. Starting today I will start implementing the necessary changes I have neglected for so long. This letter to self is the cradle to our new beginning. I know together we can do it.


I have gathered a list of organic natural foods that are to nourish my body, promote good health and prolong wellbeing longevity. Those foods are rich in natural minerals which the body needs to feed the cells, cleanse out toxins, rejuvenate the organs, and help to maintain my body's natural weight lost balance. In this letter to self, my body, I have decided to put you first because without my body who would I be. Without the universe, what is earth, and without natural foods, how can one identify with self. My body, you and I together we can.

Living Natural