Daily Food Vegetarian Eats

I have been a vegan for 15 years. I started shortly after graduating high school in June of 2000. Eating healthy as I like to call it, my diet consists of natural food made by the creator or nature. I will go into what my daily vegan food consist of. Everything I eat and put into my body must be natural. Foods that have seeds to reproduced it because everything nature creates has the ability to reproduce.


I eat fruits, vegetable, natural grains, and nuts, See the natural food guide to find out what they consist of, the choice from fruits through nuts is limitless when you think about the variety of natural foods are on this planet earth. There must be at least thousand different varieties of vegetables; you can guess that amount to be even greater for grains, nuts, and fruits.


My daily meals follow the biological rhythm of the earth and my body. For example, early A.M my body is cleansing out toxins. The cleansing process starts around 1 A.M through 12 noon. You notice that you have more mucus during early morning or late in the A.M. You also urinate more during those same hours.


It's your body cleansing cycle. I eat fruit or fruits juices because the fruits are great cleanser of your body. Cleansing juices aid with toxins from the air, hazardous heavy metals from the environment, food preservatives and additives, and synthetic chemicals from processed food. Also, I don't eat solid food during the body cleansing clock- everything must be juices or in liquid form up till 12 noon.

Living Natural