Cancer Risk From Food Processing, preservatives, and Additives

Cancer Risk From Food Processing, preservatives, and Additives

Food processing additives are added to foods as part of processing. They are practiced to add particular qualities to foods and the additives are added after the foods have been grown, harvested, and shipped to a warehouse food processor.


Food processing additives fall under two classes. First, additives that prevents food from going bad. They protect the food from forming mold, bacteria, and from forming rancidity. Second, additives are added to gain the food more appealing in flavor, color, and texture. The natural attributes of a food are sacrificed to suit the food industry for uniformity, suitability, and shelf life for lasting longer and available for sale.


When a food is processed, the food elements are lost during the fabrication process. They are put back, but in a different form.

For instance, many vegetables might lose their vitamin E and A during processing. These natural compounds are destroyed and a synthetic preservative is added to replace them. They are replacing what has been lost with synthetic chemicals that are harmful to the human body instead of preventing the natural components in the food from being destroyed.


What can you do to prevent yourself from eating too much process food?

Buy fresh foods as much as you can. Fresh foods have shorter life span before going bad; you will need to buy in small quantity or as needed. Stay away from most brands of beverages, ready-made foods, or frozen dinners, they tend to have more preservatives and are highly process for longer life span. Let an how to make your own fruit juices with natural fruits (see natural foods guide).



Most toxins from process food will accumulate in your body, they cannot be removing. Although your body cannot remove all toxins, there are natural herbs that can do so. Red raspberry leaf is good to cleanse and bring your body to an alkaline state. Burdock, yellow dock is blood cleansers. Rooibos and honey bush are native in South Africa; they will help cleanse your organs. Avoid too much process additives food and cleanse your body with natural alkaline herbs every so often.