Brominated vegetable oil (BVO) bad for melanin

Brominated vegetable oil is a flavor enhancer in most soft drinks. It is also known as BVO. The Vegetable Oil is used to mix flavored citrus beverages to keep the flavor intact. BVO is banned in many countries like India, Japan, and Europe. It is added in many citrus beverages, mostly sodas, Gatorade, Mountain Dew, and many others.


This synthetic additive to sodas is the worst amongst them. BVO is deadly, cold blooded, and will show no mercy. People like you, me, our neighbors, and our children have been crying to get rid of this poisonous snake. After floods of outcries, some dogs are concern about their profits. They want to show reverence.


They have decided to stop using BVO in their sodas by 2016-2017. The bottom line is BVO is deadly and we want this evil gone. At the meaning get yourself, your family, and the ones you come about inform for safety. BVO has some serious adverse effects. Keep reading you will find out High melanin skinned people tend to have more severe adverse effects because melanin does not respond well to synthetic chemicals.

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