BBQ Portabella Burgers and Spelt Buns: cooking with dr. Sebi natural food guide

Cooking from dr. Sebi natural food guide with food that heals and food that promotes good health. I am using the portabella mushrooms, spelt flour, onions, and green peppers to make BBQ portabella hamburgers. The healing benefits of this natural meal are the following:


  • Portabella mushrooms to promote strong healthy bones
  • Spelt bun made from spelt flour is gluten free and has minerals your needs such as phosphorus and manganese for proper brain function, to regulate proper sex hormones, and control proper blood sugar level. Spelt flour also has iron and magnesium, which transport more oxygen to the blood, and supports muscle building and a strong heart.
  • Spelt flour is rich in the following minerals: Iron Magnesium, Manganese Phosphorus, Niacin and Thiamin.
  • Onion helps build the immune system
  • Onion contain chromium which helps regulating blood sugar level
  • Onion reduces inflammation, fights free radicals, and help lowering cholesterol
  • Green bell peppers contain vitamin C and E, high in fiber, and reduces the risk of chronic diseases
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