Awaken Her Feminine energy with a yoni massage


How to perform a yoni massage? Yoni is basically the word for the female vagina. Yoni massage is a full body massage undertaken with fragrance oils; it is basically massaging the genital area. Full body massage is also a part of the process, but the sensational massage would usually culminate in massaging the yoni or you can say the vagina.


The yoni massage techniques can be used as a form of safe sex and as in excellent activity to build trust and intimacy. Professional massage and sex therapist use it to assist women to break through their sexual blocks or traumas. Though the main focus of a yoni massage is to create a spiritual experience for the body of a total unification by releasing sexual negativities and blockages.


Yoni massage techniques:

Women are more self-conscious about their bodies compared to men, so it may take a little longer to completely relax before you get into doing the yoni massage.

Before starting the yoni massage, it is important to create space for the woman who is getting her yoni massage a place in which she can relax, so she can easily enter into a state of high arousal and experience great pleasure from her yoni.


Have the woman receiving the massage lie on her back with pillows under her head so she can look down at her yoni and up at her partner giving her the massage. Place a pillow covered with a towel under her hips, and then her legs are to be spread apart with the knees slightly bent. Place a folded comforter or cushions under her knees so that her yoni is clearly expose for the massaging; this will allow full access to the yoni and other parts of the body. Before contacting the body, relax and begin with deep breathing, both giver and receiver, so remember to breathe slowly and deeply—relaxation during the entire process.


The giver should remind the receiver to start breathing again if the receiver stops breathing or begins to take shallower breaths. Shallow breathes, deep breathing, not hyperventilating is very important. Gently massage the legs, abdomen, thighs, and breasts to encourage the receiver to relax and for the giver to prepare to start touching the yoni. Pour a small quantity of natural oil or lubricant on the V-shape of the yoni—just enough so the oil drips down the outer lips and covers the outside of the yoni.


Began gently massaging the V-shape and outer lips of the yoni; spend time there and do not rush, so relax and enjoy giving the massage. Gently squeezed the outer lip of the yoni with your index finger and slide up and down of each lip, then do the same to the inner lips of the yoni. The giver should take his or her time and should look into the receiver eyes as much as possible. Ask the receiver to tell if the pressure, speed, or depth needs to be increased or decreased, but limit your conversation and focus on eliciting much sensation because too much talking will cease the effect.

The three main aspects of a yoni massage are yoni massage spirituality, yoni massage therapy, and yoni massage pleasure: pleasure is opening up your whole body to new sexual sensation and orgasm; experiencing new and different orgasmic States to recognize, deepening, and expanding your orgasms. The therapy aspect of the yoni massage is witnessing, accepting, and releasing past pains and trauma on the physical, sexual, emotional, and mental levels.


The spirituality aspect of the yoni massage and tantric lovemaking is a spiritual practice or a spiritual experience, which involves openness, trust, submissiveness, and the feeling of oneness creating unity with your partner spiritually. The experience of the yoni massage allows the woman to fully manifest her feminine goddess; so it is all about “me, myself and I.” She is the beautiful magnificent goddess.


Yoni massage therapy:

The yoni massage session can serve as meditation or as a preparation for a meditation session. Giving yoni massages to a woman is a very humbling inspiring and rewarding pleasure to elevate your lover’s states of consciousness to facilitate and witness the manifestation of the divine feminine, which manifests better understanding of your woman specific preferences, freedoms, and challenges.


It establishes a better connection with your woman to learn how to pleasure her in many different ways. You are experiencing of pleasing her feminine Goddess without needing to receive anything, you giving her a yoni massage solely for the sake of giving, which is a deep intimate adornment connection and love.